The First Video Combination of Its Kind in a Lifetime

  • Fake News Kills

    Fake News Kills

    Did the Media Let the Clintons
    Get Away with Murder? Never Before
    Seen Information. You Decide.

  • Not on My Watch

    Not on My Watch

    Shining a Light on Election Fraud…
    Learn How it Happens…
    And Who is Responsible?

  • Who Wins When America Loses?

    Who Wins When America Loses?

    Exposes America’s Most Deadly Enemy
    and the Evil Entity Empire.
    Who is the Enemy Within?

  • The Death of Vince Foster & Ron Brown

    The Death of Vince Foster & Ron Brown

  • Exposes Election Fraud and Corruption

    Exposes Election Fraud and Corruption

  • The Evil Entity Lives Among Us

    The Evil Entity Lives Among Us

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The first of its kind in a lifetime. A video trilogy specifically for American citizens who want to be well informed about the greatest acts of betrayal in modern history. Learn about the corrupt and evil winners that are responsible for our country’s downward slide into the abyss and the clarion call for U.S. citizens to take a stand.

The first video, “Not On My Watch”, exposes real and growing election fraud. The second video, “Fake News Kills: Did The Media Let The Clintons Get Away With Murder?” reveals the news censorship of apparent murders. The third and final film, “Who Wins When America Loses?”, uncovers America’s hidden internal “Evil Entity.”



Work for a smaller more accountable government that serves the American people. Remove the Establishment machine on both sides of the isle in the 2018 elections and deliver a Constitutional Conservative House and Senate that will back President Trump’s agenda and

Advocate for Constitutional Conservative Supreme Court Judges.

Put America first!

Exactly What We Needed

As a company we were limited in our knowledge of how politics and voter fraud can impact what we do. These videos prove that knowledge is power and without it we are being led like lost sheep headed for slaughter.
Justin Roads
- Project One

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The things that are happening across the nation can be terrifying. We cannot plan to move forward as a company if we do not understand the direction of the country.
Kurt Rogan
Kurt Rogan
CEO, Kurt, The Rogan Group
These videos really opened our eyes to what we are facing. We cannot blindly trust the government, it is imperative we understand what is happening around us now.
Karen Jones
Karen Jones
VP Sales, Karen Jones, The Retail Shop
I had no idea the United States was in such a spiral. Everything that happens in our government directly impacts my business, my family, myself, and you! Knowledge is sometimes the only power we have.
Sean Reynolds
Sean Reynolds
President, Sean, Reynolds Ltd

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